The all in one Solution for Ecommerce Businesses
With the MCHN, you can seamlessly operate a successful ecommerce platform without the need for costly, slow, and confusing plugins. Our platform offers full functionality right out of the box, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of wasting time and money on complicated add-ons.
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One eCommerce Platform to Rule them All
The MCHN unifies all your Ecommerce data under one platform without having to install and pay for the features you should expect to get out of the box.
Integrate with high quality eCom tools
The MCHN's own API, combined with our ability to connect with any other software's API, means that you can seamlessly integrate any additional programs you need to provide your customers with a comprehensive and cohesive shopping experience. By having all of your software programs working together in sync, you can improve efficiency and accuracy, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We strive to deliver features that consistently provide a high return on investment. 

Gil Comeau
Head of Development
Get the most out of your online store
With the MCHN, you can do more than just run an ecommerce store. Some of Canada's most prestigious publishers have relied on the MCHN to expand their reach beyond simple blogs into fully-fledged content and commerce sites. By combining a powerful ecommerce engine with sophisticated content management tools, MCHN empowers you to craft compelling stories and showcase your products in ways that will engage and delight your audience.
Create and Edit your store pages without any code!
Sell Your Products Globally from a Single Store
No need for multiple stores to sell in multiple countries. Simply give the price in the country you would like to sell at or link that price to a globally stable currency like the USD or EURO so that your business is not effected when certain countries currencies reserves are unstable. 
Maximize Sales by Optimizing your Bumps and Upsells

Step 1

Sign up for the MCHN and setup your products.


Step 2

Create reusable bump/upsell template sequences and attach them to your products. 


Step 3

Use our foolproof reporting to optimize the most desirable products for your customers. 


Step 4

Collect your money and enjoy the benefits of growing your store. 

Reduce your page load times and Increase your Conversion Rates
Sites that migrate to the MCHN see a significant boost in their performance that lead to higher conversion rates. Test your site out today to see if your current provider is meeting your standards.
Maximize Recurring Revenue by leveraging MCHN Subscriptions
Empower your customers with the MCHN's unlimited product variant options and full subscription management capabilities. With the ability to fully customize what products they receive and how often, your customers can take full control of their shopping experience, resulting in a reduction in customer churn rate. By enabling your customers to manage their subscriptions on their own, you can save valuable time and resources while improving customer satisfaction. Plus, with MCHN's built-in add-on feature, customers can easily add one-time purchases to their subscription, resulting in an increase in average order value and a reduction in shipping costs.
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